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Jeremy Latham

Jeremy Latham, Owner

Jeremy is the owner of Latham Communications. He's got a wide-range of experience in marketing and business; and sports, travel, education, photography, music...To sum him up in a word it would be "interested".


Growing up in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, Jeremy had the opportunity to play and explore his surroundings a lot more than his city-born counterparts. This is a good thing because his parents would likely have left him on a park bench if they'd actually had to answer the question "Why?" instead of saying "Go figure it out." He asked "why?" a lot — in fact, he still does.

A Love of People

Having played on a number of sports teams, Jeremy loves people and knows how to work with them to achieve a common goal. That's how he views his client-relationships; that he's working with his clients toward the common goal of making them successful, which is what makes Latham Communications successful.

Naturally Curious

Jeremy always wants to know how things work and why they work that way. It's a natural curiousity he's possessed since learning to speak. It's what drove him to pursue a three-month French immersion exchange and a six-week Japanese work co-op exchange while in high-school, and what possessed him to pick up and go on a year-long working holiday to Australia midway through college. It's also what keeps him up to speed on the latest computer and web-design techniques and standards.

Want to Know More?

If you'd like to learn more about Jeremy just ask.
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Personal Site & Blog

To get a better idea of what Jeremy's all about head over to his personal site and blog at: www.jeremylatham.com