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Your company logo is the face of your company when you aren't around. It's what people will look at to give them visual cues as to your company's personality. Is it playful, professional, young or old — Is it going to be around for awhile?

A few things to consider

When you're having a logo designed there many things to take into consideration. Here are a few important ones:

Vector Files

Logos need to be designed as vector files. (More info on vector files) Think of all the big brands you know of — all of their logos are very simple shapes and colour fills. This allows the logos to be resized from business card size to billboard size without losing quality.

Black and White

Logos need to reproduce well in black and white because a lot of businesses use fax machines, b&w photocopiers, and buy b&w ads in newspapers and magazines. We start working in b&w and only add colour to the logo once we're satisfied with its design.

Unique Design

A logo should be unique, not a graphic taken from the latest clipart package. Your business is unique and in the long-run it makes sense to establish your unique identity early.

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